Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year New (late!) Start

Superhero Baby New Year - public domain image.
Now, in the funny Doctor Who voice, "Welcome Citizen!"

Okay, I've been bad at blogging lately.

Been a little caught up with holidays and politics and work.  And writing actually.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to Finish the Book.  (There it is, out in the universe as a goal!)   Also eat better, exercise, sleep, yada yada...   Another big resolution is to be a more active citizen.  

Whatever your personal beliefs and political leanings, I think this past presidential campaign has proven to us all that:

A.  We all really really HATE politics.


B.  Politics is too important to be left to politicians, pundits, and idiots.

So.  Time to go talk to our friends and neighbors and - even more important - to listen! to them.  Past time to be better citizens.  No one party or person has a monopoly on good ideas or good will.  Let's work some stuff out sensibly, together. 

Me?  I'm talking politics with one neighbor now.  I've started donating (small amounts anyway) to groups involved with issues I care about.  I'm calling my state and local representatives about issues and leaving messages.  (This is supposed to work better than last year's emails.  For more advice check out HERE.)  I'm gearing myself up to go stuff envelopes or something for a political party - though I'm really an independent.  And I'm trying to decide where to volunteer in a social-help kinda way.  Where would my weird talents be most useful?

On the theatrical front, I'm working on several shows.

Sketching, sketching, sketching...

WaterTower Theater's Silent Sky techs this weekend!  It's going to be a good show.

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