Monday, October 3, 2016

A New Dog House! A New Kitchen Dog Theater Home!

We did it!

Or, at least, we've taken the first big BIG step toward a new, permanent, we-own-it! home for Kitchen Dog Theater.


The Dallas Morning News has a big article about it HERE.  (Give it a few clicks, eh?)

Basic facts?  A wonderful and anonymous couple gave us a challenge grant for $ 500,000 last fall if we could raise $125,000 (in a very short time)... which we did!  This generous gift became the cornerstone of our house hunt and allowed us to JUST CLOSE THE DEAL on a great building in the northernmost edge of Dallas' Design District.  

About perfect.

It'll be a while - 2018 - before we move in, but that's much needed time to plan, design, remodel, and raise yet more money.  Our goal is to own our new theatrical home free and clear.  It's going to be so... so... homey to have a place of our very own.  

So, if you've got a spare nickle, please toss it our way: Kitchen Dogs would be very grateful!  And, to those Anonymous Heroes, huge, grateful thanks!  If I never learn their names I may just have to hug every ticket-buyer I meet.

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