Sunday, July 17, 2016

Architectural Sketching

And it works for theater design too!

I sometimes drop by Jim Leggitt's "Drawing Shortcuts" website to see really excellent renderings and to learn something to improve my own drawing skills.

He uses a totally fearless mix of media and methods to create lovely, fresh, simple (seemingly) freehand (looking) architectural sketches.  He seems to usually start with a SketchUp model and/or a photo, then adds in hand drawing and coloring using mostly markers and some pencil. He might overlay and trace computer or photographic material or draw directly on top of them.

Amazing!  I particularly like his use of entourage people, plants, umbrellas etc.  (A lot better than that same sad ficus tree or little-girl-with-balloon I saw used back in the day.)

Check 'em out HERE with his post on creating sketches that show the repurposing of a urban alley.  Drawn as illustrations for a lecture... I'm wondering if he'll ever lecture near me?

Phone photo to hand drawn sketch - Jim Leggitt / Drawing Shortcuts
Image copyright is Mr. Leggitt's of course, believed Fair Use as in a review.

At any rate I'm vowing to use more SketchUp and photos in creating my own theatrical drawings.  I'm the Queen of Tracing Stuff already, why not make that tracing more 3D-ish?  (And it'll help keep computer skills up at the same time.)

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