Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Producing on Broadway

Listen to National Public Radio?

Public domain image courtesy of Clkr.com

As I was driving between theaters yesterday I heard a fascinating interview with theater and film producer Scott Rudin on Fresh Air.  HERE.

No wonder the guy has five (5! count'em!) shows up for Tonys this season, has produced hits like The Book of Mormon, and been part of an incredible list of prestigious work in theater and film.  He's devoted to Broadway - watched every show from 8 years old on and started working there at 15.  "I'm a complete product of mentorship," he says, having worked for one after another of the great Broadway producers, learning as he went.

He reinforces my theory that those people who really want something, really love something, really want to learn... do.  Real masters seem to be self-educating; either self-taught or by way of finding the right teachers and insisting they be allowed to learn.  

Frighteningly focused and driven, really.  Excellence ain't easy.  Or easy to learn (his story about getting one boss's artificial leg fixed is pretty funny).

Listen up!

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