Friday, December 4, 2015

Put Us in the Dog House!

Kitchen Dog Theater (of which I am honored to be a member) recently lost our home of 20 years.  

We're saving up to build a new one!

A very, very generous Dog Fancier has offered us a challenge grant: if we can raise $100,000 dollars by the end of this month, they will give us Half a Million Bucks!

Can you, Dear Reader, please help us?

A gift of any amount is tax deductible and we'd be very grateful.  If you do the math, this challenge means that your gift gets multiplied by 6 !   $10 becomes $60!  $100 becomes $600!  $1000 becomes...  !

But only if we reach our goal in time.  This is a one-time-only deal.

The link to contribute is HERE.

For the last two decades Kitchen Dog Theater has been doing excellent work.  I don't throw that word around either, I mean it.  Serious,  good work.  Producing new plays and classics, encouraging living playwrights, winning awards, critical enthusiasm, tears and laughter in the seats kinda good work.  Some of the best talents in town call Kitchen Dog home.  

Oh, wait.  Homeless.

Honestly, this good theater company needs a good home...    

Please help.

*As a temporary measure we're producing this season at the Green Zone, but it's not a long-term place.

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