Monday, September 7, 2015

Paint n' Light

This weekend is the Tech for Kitchen Dog Theater's The Dumb Waiter by Pinter.

One of the exciting parts of our new theater home is that, because of the move, we discarded our old beaten down wall flats and constructed new ones!  Woohoo!

But even with brand new flats, it's tough to build a long, tall, straight wall and not show the seams.  Which has turned into a bit of a problem with this particular show.  So I've been painting like a fiend, one step behind the carpenter, trying to create a very mottled, distressed look on the walls - plus adding shreds of wallpaper - all to downplay the "look! it's made of 4' x 8' flats!" aspect.

The Dumb Waiter - photo by director Tim Johnson
Here's the result so far - greatly enhanced by Suzanne Lavender's rich lighting.

Gotta run...

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