Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eras End

This has been a period of changes in the Dallas-Fort Worth theater community.

One of the founders of Theatre Three, long-time Artistic Director Jac Alder, died earlier this spring.  He was an important and encouraging landmark, a supporter of talent, a gentleman of the theater who is much missed. This week there was a rather wonderful celebration for him.   (Dallas Morning News story HERE.) 

I can only say that I watched my first Moliere' play on his stage, decades ago.  I can't say that I knew Jac well - we only met a few times - but I still remember our conversation: how much more fun theater was compared to professional architectural practice.  He trained as an architect, a training that tends to stick; a tiny facet of life that we shared. 

Theatre Three is now in transition under a new, interim Artistic Director, the multi-talented Bruce Coleman.  

Adventure ahead certainly.

Pre-sale sorting at the rehearsal hall - Photo ?

The second change is that Kitchen Dog Theater, of which I'm a member, has lost its long-time home at the MAC.  (The building's being torn down to build something more profitable.)  For the interim we Dogs are moving to The Green Zone in the Design District.  Last weekend was a weirdly fun yet exhausting garage sale for most of our worldly goods.  Like selling off your scrapbook, really.  (Dallas Morning News story HERE.)

Ah! My poor green froggy-chair!  It debuted in The Bald Soprano at UTD
and lived in Kitchen Dog's green room.  Alas, poor Yorick.  Photo by Tim Johnson.

We'll see what new adventure awaits in our interim home...

UPDATE:  There's DMN vid and I'm in it.  (Why did I wear my dumpster diving shirt?  Oh, yeah, the dumpster loading thing...)  HERE

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