Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Please Forgive a Little Back-Patting

The Column Awards (Dallas - Fort Worth area theater awards) were held a couple of nights ago and one show I was associated with cleaned the house!

Uptown Players' production of Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike, in its category of Equity Play, won merely:

Best Play; Best Director (B.J. Cleveland); Best Actor (Bob Hess); Best Actress (Wendy Welch); Best Featured Actress (Julia Golder); Best Scenic Design (as Miss Piggy would say, "Moi!"); Best Lighting Design (Jason Foster), and Best Sound Design (B.J. Cleveland).  Sadly even this role-call leaves out a few great people... I guess we had to leave a few awards for somebody else.  Did we?


All kidding aside, congratulations to the whole Vanya, Sonya, Masha, and Spike team.  It was a terrific show.  And congratulations to all the other winners and nominees and patient un-ballyhooed-this-year worthies who do such good work all around the DFW area.

Uptown Players' Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike - photo via Uptown

Among those who deserved wins, nominations - heck coronations! -  for this set are set dresser Kevin Brown and TD Dennis Canright and his carpenters, painters, and volunteers.

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