Sunday, January 18, 2015


Here's a great quote from artist David Hockney (taken from Joanna Scutts's review of his latest bio by Christopher Simon Sykes, HERE).

About his artistic career:

"You don't retire doing this, you just do it till you fall over."

I know personally at least two theater artists that's been true for.  Retirement only applies if you're no longer enjoying what you're doing, no longer able, or no longer contributing usefully.

Life-long art is a worthy goal to dive into - let's all aim to make a big splash!

A Bigger Splash by David Hockney
copyright David Hockney, believed fair use, source Wikipedia HERE

I'm a big admirer of Hockney's work, both his visual art and his opera set designs.  In fact, seeing a museum show of his stage design - especially his Rake's Progress - was a milestone for me in approaching theater design myself.  A fascinating exhibit!  You can see some of his stage designs HERE.

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