Friday, February 28, 2014

Building a Business

It's been interesting, over the last year or so, to watch a friend turn a hobby into a small business.

Word of mouth is terrific!

Like many hobbyists who work in fabric, Liz had developed a HUGE pile of scrap fabric... But what to do with it?  Then she got the idea to make cute little aprons with those leftovers and, later, purses from this same fabric treasure trove.  By now, of course, she's running out to buy more fabric!

This growing business gives Liz a great way to exercise her fantastic eye for color and pattern.  (No kiddin' the girl can match beiges without a sample along with her in the store!  Amazing eye and memory for color.) Because... her friends like the products.  REALLY like the products.  At this point she's finished her fifth set of  purses for a wedding; each bridesmaid getting a coordinated purse holding, usually, the traditional gift of jewelry from the bride.  These sets (or just, you know, one solo purse) can be as customized as desired... pick yer fabrics, pick yer linings if you want, pick vintage decoration...  suit yerself.

Very very popular!

Today I'm happy to announce the opening of her brand-new on-line store Liz's Whimsies.  Check it out!

Word of mouth?  Alice says she shops here!

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