Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vicarious Tony Thrill

Gotta say, it was very satisfying to see the terrific scenery for Matilda win the Tony, after meeting (just days before) its designer, Rob Howell.

As soon as I get more than a minute - today's filled with meetings and set dressing - I'll report in on Mr. Howell's talk at the Broadway Masterclass.  For now, I'll only say that he was one of the best speakers.  Engaging and relaxed and obviously at the top of our profession, in the conversation of the Q and A he gave us insight into the process of designing.

So I was  rootin' for him and Matilda!  A really good show... with (officially now) Superior Scenery.

The Tony Award - from the official website HERE

Matilda pulled in several other awards: Featured Actor, Lighting, Book, and The Matildas (a special award to these four talented girls), plus nominations for the absolutely wonderful Headmistress and Miss Honey.  There's strong competition on Broadway - can't win everything.  Awards are funny things: the old consolation that "just being nominated is the real award" is actually true and a lot of very good work never even gets nominated... yet it's still kinda fun to take home that little statue.

Glad Rob Howell gets to.

(I can only imagine trying to explain the award-gizmo to the airport TSA screeners.)

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