Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rule of Three

One last bit of wisdom from Tony Award-winning scenic designer Rob Howell...

If you want to make a scene change "magic," want to confuse the audience as to exactly how it happened, then remember The Rule of Three: the human eye and brain can easily follow one movement and can pretty well follow two movements, but loses track when three things happen at once.  So, to make a set change mysterious, make sure that three or more movements happen at once!

Believed public domain image.

In other news: I've started designing [title of show] for San Francisco (just sent off the first sketches); Miracle on South Division Street opened successfully at Circle Theatre last night (a very funny show!); and Se Llama Cristina continues its well-reviewed run at Kitchen Dog, after being a highlight of the National New Play Network and the Theater Communications Group conventions that were here in town.  

I tell you, Dallas is a Theatre Town.  Maybe the country is figuring that out, huh?

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