Monday, May 6, 2013

Not a Review: Diana Krall and The Angels' Share

Lots of going out lately...

Diana Krall:
Singer Diana Krall's "Glad Rag Doll" tour came through DFW and I got to hear her Friday night: a very good concert.  Good music, a warm relaxed stage presence, and an entertaining staging.  I'm not musical enough to pretend to critique the music... I can only say I really enjoyed it.

The theme of the tour comes from music of the 1920s (although she included fan favorites too).  I thought the set design - reminiscent of theatrical drapes and cinema-sign lights - worked well as an environment for her music.  Period cartoons like Betty Boop were played pre-show, film clips were wonderfully integrated with songs, and the intro was a short film where Ms. Krall interacted with an on-screen Steve Buscemi.  Kinda trippy.  Wonderfully well done.

The Angels' Share:
Playing at the Dallas Angelika, this film started out a bit raw and developed into a really appealing, feel-good movie.  I really liked the sad-sack minor-criminal characters - with Glasgow accents so thick that their English was subtitled in English.  Quite funny.  This film will really appeal to anyone interested in fine liquor or wine-tasting (or general foody tasteyness), since the plot revolves around the discovery of a rare cask of Scotch whiskey.

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