Wednesday, May 1, 2013


My intern's graduating.  Cool!

It's kind of fun to work with a student and - depending on your point of view - to either a) enlighten them or b) brainwash 'em.  Not that I have any opinions, of course.

As the end-of-semester Ta-Da! my student presented three solutions to me today: set designs for the classic play The Glass Menagerie.  Ranging from realistic to completely stylized, I thought they all embodied interesting ideas worth developing further.  These will turn into portfolio pieces, the kind of thing designers show to convince theaters and directors that they can pull off their show.

I'm happy with the progress made this semester.  Fun and, I hope, educational.  We'll be meeting for (unofficial) coffee hereafter.

Just for fun, here are photos from my own version of The Glass Menagerie:

The Glass Menagerie, WaterTower Theater
Photos by Mark Oristano and Scott Guenther

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