Monday, April 15, 2013

Up on the Roof

Spring Cleaning: lets fresh air in... in every way.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day.  A day to open up the house to the breeze.

A day to clean up the garden.  Mostly pruning.  Clipping low stuff, weeds and escaping vines, pruning middle-height shrubs, and even hacking at the high stuff: out came the tree saw on its long wobbly pole and, inevitably, the ladder.  Soon I was up on the roof for overhanging tree branches, but also vigorously scrubbing at the greenhouse roof over part of my studio with the hose and a broom.  Water everywhere.

I'd forgotten how wonderful it feels to be up on the roof!

Looking down on new-leafy trees; the scent of lime blossoms carried by the spring breeze up over the roof ridge; the bird's perch view!  Seeing the neighborhood - more like toy houses from here - laid out in a secret-map of interlocking yards.  An eagle's view.

Wonderfully refreshing - blows away mental cobwebs.

Need a break in your routine?  Feel stale and need to freshen your designing?  Try up on the roof.

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James Taylor singing "Up on the Roof  HERE.

It's nice to have a cleaner skylight again.  I get a better view of the sky now  (and also of the under-carriages of birds and squirrels).

(ADDENDUM:  A follow-up post HERE.)

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