Saturday, April 27, 2013


It's always interesting for a designer to see what the actors are up to.

Last night was an early run-through (hence "stumble-through") for Se Llama Christina.  The actors were almost off-book, the first blocking had been established on the taped-out floor plan of my set, and rehearsal furniture had been pulled.  (Including a sofa I think we'll use for real.)  With a little imagination - much less needed than when reading the script! - I could begin to see what the final production will be like.  I'm excited about it!

Such run-throughs are helpful for the lighting designer too, who can begin to see where what will happen and for the costume designer, who can assess how physical the actors will be in their costumes.  For the set designer, it's a matter of making sure nothing is required of the set that you hadn't anticipated and making sure the set isn't somehow getting in the way of the performance.

The production meeting afterward is time to confirm agreement on, for instance, using that rehearsal sofa in the final production and agreeing that the "found" crib, though different from the first design thought, is okay.  Adding window mullions instead of using glass.  Adding a certain cool effect (through carpenterly means) upstage.  Thinking through the requirements of lighting and projections as they affect the set.

The normal tug and adjustments of developing a show.

Public domain image from Karen'sWhimsy

Meanwhile... gotta finish construction drawings for Miracle on South Division Street!

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