Friday, April 12, 2013

REALLY Starting Construction Drawings

Making myself sit down to draw the build drawings is... tough.

All my most creative procrastination happens when my board is waiting for me to dimension things.  Of course, the world conspires to help with that too: it's always tax time or guests coming or laundry to wash or grout to scrub with an old toothbrush or the spring garden to work in, out in that pretty sunshine...

Chores never look so fascinating or so vitally-important-duty-must-do-at-once! as when there's a heap o' dull drawing to be done.

Public domain image - SPRING!

Mind you, construction drawings are not completely dull - there's still plenty to figure out - but after the fun of schematic design, drafting has less charm.  Though I know from experience that once I do sit down to it, I'll get interested.

But it's getting myself to sit down to it.

I really ought to check on the garden...

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