Friday, April 5, 2013

Just Floatin' Along

In a few minutes I'm off for a breakfast meeting.  These are rare among theater folk, who usually sleep till noon!  (Or want to anyway.)  I'll be talking with the TD or Technical Director (AKA Builder) for my next show at Kitchen Dog, Se Llama Christina.

The set for this play will be a simple apartment living room - a series of simple apartment living rooms - except for one tricky little thing...

The director and I want it to "float."


That's the question.

For help I intend to tap into the awesome power of the Scenic Carpenter Brain!  That formidable problem-solving instrument.  That often-tapped resource of an experienced set builder's know-how, that whole reservoir of scenic legerdemain and cunning artifice!

Good set builders are wizards.  Superheros.

The Wizard Zoro - public domain super heros

And on the subject of superness and Kitchen Dog... 

I watched Kitchen Dog's production of RX  last night.  This is, as usual, Not a Review, just a few thoughts from a set designer in the audience:  

Funny!  A good script, I thought.  With humor, satire of the working world and the Big Pharmaceutical Complex, and some wonderfully human moments.  Mind you I'm partial being a "Dog" myself, but I thought the acting terrific.  

The set?  Very effective.  I liked the look (sorta Modern or De Stijl clinic... or Montessori school), liked the quicky-set-change pull/slide/flip aspect.  (Though, between you and me, I think the playwright could have simplified things a little.)  And I loved the use of plastic panels and lighting.  I especially liked the lighting in the transition to department store scene (fun set piece for that) and the well-observed clinic light.

Had a great time - recommend this show!

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