Sunday, August 5, 2012

Film Fest - Batman Rises

A little... overblown, I thought.

Mind you, I enjoyed this big (biiiig) summer blockbuster - Catwoman especially and the advent of Robin - but the film did feel too long and too impressed with its own importance.

There were several points of logic that annoyed me too.  (Spoilers)

1)  The scary villain's face mask?  Cool yes, logical no.  And the delayed explanation... I just didn't buy it.  Wouldn't nice conventional heavy-duty pain meds make that scary mask unnecessary?
2)  And why exactly is the League of Shadows so het-up about Gotham?  What makes this city so much more compelling a target than any other big-city-with-rich-people... any other city, in other words?
3)  Can Bruce Wayne not find a hobby for Pete's sake?  Ten years of glum reclusiveness!  Dead parents and girlfriend are depressing, I get that, but many people recover from much worse.  Can't Alfred get the guy a puppy?
4)  And the Unclimbable Wall... looked climbable.  Not by me, but I've seen rock climbing gyms and known folks who climbed Yosemite's El Capitain.  Looked easily climbable for someone fit enough and motivated enough.

So.  Fun flick.  Not my favorite of this series.

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