Monday, August 27, 2012

Back In Town

Boy, ya look away for just a minute...

and the work piles up!

Back from a brief trip, I'm scrambling to catch up.  Yesterday was devoted to building a model for The Mystery of Irma Vep.  This morning - in mere moments! - I'll paint it.  This morning I also need to select paint colors for that and for the show Or, then physically buy paint for that show's set... which I hope to start base painting this afternoon.  Meeting at 4:00.  Run Through at 6:30ish.  Late home.

Tomorrow?  Another morning of on-the-board work, more afternoon painting, and then two meetings, starting just before 5:00.  Sometime in there I really need to go hunt more furniture.

Meanwhile, a third show The Beauty Queen of Leenane waits impatiently - ideas scratching at my skull - for me to put pencil to paper.  I've been thinking about it for a while.  A fourth, Ghost Writer, waits for me to read it and to start thinking.

Busy, busy.

Believed public domain image.

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