Monday, July 16, 2012

Fire Station # 4

I got to go to the ribbon cutting for the city of Richardson Texas' new Fire Station # 4.

A Boy Scout flag-raising; a bag piper; lots of hot dogs and popcorn; city council folk ceremonially pushing a ladder truck into the new app. bay; the ribbon cutting (of a "Fire Line Do Not Cross" tape, of course); lots of families with little kids, wide-eyed at the fire trucks; and a fire-safety clown in baggy pants and fireman's rubber boots... a lovely Americana moment.

A really beautiful new fire station.

Not just a functionally beautiful building - though it is that and that's essential - but also beautiful as a composition of stone and shading roofs.  

Fire Station # v4, Richardson, TX - photo courtesy of BRW Architects

I found a nice blog post by its designer HERE.

(Full disclosure, I know the folks at BRW Architects.)

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