Saturday, June 23, 2012

Catching Up

It's been a busy couple weeks here at Scenic Central, what with a beach vacation and a rather frantic catch-up week.

This week included last night's opening for Crimes of the Heart at Contemporary Theatre of Dallas (check it out) which was a LOT of last minute work (thanks visitor/volunteers!); scrambling to get back up to date on the builds for the up-coming Divine Sister at Uptown Players and Smokey Joe's Cafe at WaterTower Theater; plus reading the new script See How They Run for Circle Theatre... starting the design process for that set.

The very beginning of set design, for me, starts with reading and rereading the text and mulling over it in the chinks of time between other projects - thinking it over in the car or the shower, looking idly through books about the period, keeping my eyes open as I go through the day for ideas and images.  You can become amazingly aware of hints and fragments of ideas all around you.  It can feel as if your design problem is following you around, constantly manifesting itself.  (Just as a pregnant woman suddenly notices crowds of other pregnancies and babies and children that she'd never ever noticed before.)

Blog posts will start appearing here again as I catch up with myself... and catch you up on what I've seen while I wasn't blogging!

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