Monday, June 4, 2012

Back to the Land of the Living...

Or the breathing world anyway...

 I've just FINALLY finished paper mache'ing a huge 3D rainbow construction in the garage for the Big local theater's summer kid program.  So... I get to breath again.  I've been incredibly busy and battered by many deadlines (the shows Ruth, Boeing Boeing, and now Mistakes Were Made have Teched) and I really feel like I haven't taken a break in weeks.  

This morning is my first deeeeep breath.


But it will take time to soak the gluey colored paper off my hands.  I kind of love big messy projects (gluey feet included).   I've been sitting in my garage every morning for the last two weeks - when the day is still cool - gluing rainbow colored paper to a big geometric "rainbow" construction and feeling like I was enacting a living garage-tableau for my neighbors of Paper Craft, The Endless Installation.  

Finally done!

Copyright Clare Floyd DeVries and Clint Ray

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