Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Thrill of the Find

My Ruth set needs a 1920s vintage stove - either a wood or a more modern gas model would do.

So we've been hunting for weeks for a loaner.  We've looked at several good imitations built of plywood; these were all either too wide or both too wide and too high, and generally looked rather more like plywood than like cast iron.  We've looked at several real stoves; these were all too recent, but even if they might pass for the right vintage, all weighed an absolute ton... being made of actual cast iron.

But today!

A wood stove of actual cast iron, but with beautiful roll-y wheels so we don't have to care how much it weighs - and sized to fit!

A 1938 photo of a woman cooking at a stove much like ours - from Old Picture of the Day

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