Thursday, May 17, 2012

Follow-Up on a Site Design

A while back, I wrote a post about the spectacular new Tarrent County College in downtown Fort Worth, which opens up a view to the river below. (Earlier post HERE.)

Well, this month's Texas Architect magazine finally explained the circumstances behind this dramatic choice to carve out a river view... originally, the rest of the campus was going to be across the river!

But then the Radio Shack/Tandy property - a handsome corporate headquarters campus - became available... (Taking in lodgers as folks do when times turn tough.)  Suddenly it made more financial sense to keep the college all in downtown.  The new college buildings went from a grand entrance to a grand new campus, to a footnote to the main campus down the street.

The best laid plans...

Still, that cut-out view and the water garden are amazing!  I'm glad it happened.

Photo donated to the public domain

(The city intends to put in a pedestrian bridge across the river eventually, but there is a lot of river control work needed before that ever happens.)

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