Monday, May 14, 2012

The Arts and the Holidays

I'm suffering under a persistent conviction that today is Tuesday.  Not Monday.  This is mostly because I worked much of the weekend.

The arts - certainly theater - tend to ignore the idea of taking the weekend off.  In fact, the weekend is considered prime work time exactly because folks with day jobs can finally get a whole day (or two) free to work on their art!

So for me this weekend was Mother's Day, which was nice, and also family celebration of a graduation, also very nice, but the bulk of it was work: hauling furniture for one show; building/painting that show; answering set questions; sketching answers to set questions; sketching another variation on another show and scanning and sending that; meeting on yet another show; meeting on still another show; and watching a designer run of that show.

This work-whenever-you-can schedule can wreck havoc with holidays, family and social life, and even rest breaks for your own health if you aren't careful.  It's too easy to lose track of time.

But tomorrow I know will be Tuesday.

Because that's Garbage Day... the only fixed temporal point in my week!
Public domain photo 

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