Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Production Design

Just found a very interesting interview with Laurence Bennett, the production designer for the film The Artist. HERE at Pushing Pixels.

It's all the more fascinating because he talks about designing a black and white film about the making of black and white films.  In order to emphasize the difference between The Artist's "real" locations (actually, of course, sets) from the "sets" of the film-in-the-film locations (also, of course, sets), he built the "real" sets using color (filmed in B&W) and the "set" sets using only B&W then filmed in B&W.  Clever!  There have to be subtle differences that I need to go back and stare very hard at.

Sketch by Laurence Bennett of a restaurant scene in The Artist, from the Pushing Pixels site

Just for fun, here's a link to one of my B&W shows, last year's Death is No Small Change.

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