Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NPR and Radio as the Public's Culture Diary

I had been listening, fascinated, to an interview with author Katherine S. Newman talking about her new non-fiction book as I drove... to the library where the first thing I saw in "New Books" was her book, The Accordion Family.

Weird, or what?

I love NPR's coverage of the arts.  There are so many authors and artists that I would never hear about if it weren't for the tirelessly cultured folks in public broadcasting.  And the obscure yet fascinating facts!  How would I learn about the ecosystems in the human body if not for Fresh Air?  Did you know we each have 3-4 pounds of bacteria and viruses in our bodies - and those are the ones that keep us healthy.  You can die if too strong an antibiotic kills 'em off.  Really.  That was yesterday's talk and I'm still marveling... and washing my hands.

Public radio enriches and enlightens my life.  Without Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers how would I know how to fix my car or how to get mice out of it?  Not that I have mice, but this wildlife dilemma may be more imminent than it sounds, considering I already have ants.  (And the ants at my house are nothing to scoff at - they've already eaten part of the refrigerator, I kid you not.)

Cover of The Accordion Family from The Boston Globe's review

So I brought home The Accordion Family and will soon know much more about the changing configuration of the modern nuclear family.  I'll report back.

Oh, and I love the public library too.

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