Monday, April 16, 2012

Film Fest - Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Now playing at Dallas' Angelika (my favorite art house cinema) is Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

A rare-ish kind of film these days: amusing, intelligent, at once both cynical and romantic, and adult... as in grown-up.  No car chases, only one splashy action sequence (one that actually fits the plot), yet the film never bogs down in the fishing scenes, as you might expect.   Actual chemistry between the stars!  And a hilariously cynical press agent.

Mostly this is a story about realizing - and having faith in - a dream.  Of finding the right people to share your hopes.

Poster for Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - from IMDB

Nice to see the theater filled, especially as this quiet movie has been out for a while.  Director Lasse Hallstrom has a way with gentle yet affecting films; he directed both Choclat and The Cider House Rules.  

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