Monday, March 19, 2012

Studio Organization

I've meant to show you the results of my studio reorganization - reworking all my drawing storage.  (And storage for papers used in collage art too, as well as art supplies, etc. etc. etc.)  But I was deterred by the immediate mess that working creates - for me anyway.  Until, finally I gave up and just settled for photographing real life.

Here are the pics:

This was taken on a gray, cloudy day, but you can see how light and open the room feels.  The view from the other direction is greener, but there are squirrels to watch in every direction.

In the foreground is the computer / writing area.  That splash of red is a beautifully embroidered Indian dress found at a thrift store (which hides the to-maybe-do-someday pile).  In the background is the designing / drafting area.

Here's a closer view of the design area with its (messy) drafting board.  I'd just finished coloring a pencil and ink rendering for a theater show, so those pencil drawers are still stacked on the board.

And here are the lovely, lovely (too expensive) boxes to store 11" x 17" drawings and collage papers, nested into custom cabinets a theater carpenter friend built me.  You can see how I pull out the boxes I need as I need them.  Above the lay-out counter are smaller wood box / drawers to hold misc. art and craft supplies: glue, wire, paperclips, index cards... all the small, sometimes weird, stuff I use.  One drawer is labeled "Bits and Bobs" which gives you an idea.

I cannot over-stress how much it helps to have an organized work space in a room you enjoy.

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  1. Looks great!

  2. Where did you get those boxes for the 11" x 17" paper?

  3. From The Container Store. Not sure if they still have them though.