Sunday, March 18, 2012

Punch Lists and Tech

Last night was the Tech run-thru for The Whipping Man.  (Going to be a terrific show, I think.)

So today I had to email my notes on what the set needs to finish up.  Usually these notes are no big surprise to the carpenter and painter - everyone can see, for instance that the downstage (DS) columns still need to be clad and painted.  There can be little picky surprises though as the set designer tweaks things to bring the bigger composition into balance, as the director needs changes, or as practicalities get made to work smoothly.

The Whipping Man is in pretty good shape actually: only a little carpentry still to go and, although the painting left is big (the stage floor) it's straightforward.  Floors tend to happen last, after all the carpentry and carpenters are out of the way!  On this show a big part of the painter's job is "dirtying".

Believed public domain photo of fire damage

This is the sort of fire damage look I want to suggest... without being able to make such a dangerous mess, since one actor is barefoot.

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