Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yesterday was strike for two of my shows The Frequency of Death and The Diary of Anne Frank.

For the set designer this mostly means collecting your junk off the sets... before some eager stage hand tosses it in the dumpster.  (This has happened.)  So I drove first to Lewisville to collect picture frames, flowers, assorted black & white tchotchkes, and two borrowed chairs, drove those chairs back to their owner-theater in Addison, and there picked up my few bits of set dressing from that show.  Then drove to Dallas to paint on the rapidly-up-coming Collapse.

Lotso drivin'.

Here are a few pics of the Frequency strike:

The Frequency of Death strike, Pegasus Theatre at the Lewisville Grand

Stage left, starting to disassemble wall flats - See the bucket?  Roof leak!

The sad shambles... See the once elegant chandelier, grounded.

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