Thursday, January 12, 2012

High and Low Tech - Part II

In an earlier POST I talked about the differing types and tech of drawings needed to create the giant foam leaves needed for Secrets of a Soccer Mom, depending on whether these leaves would be cut-out the old-school way - by hand - or the new-school way - by laser.  Computer (CAD) drafting and laser won out over hand made, as much cheaper.

But now that the leaves are (almost) all cut, they need to be painted.  Painted by sprayer, but a sprayer controlled by the human hand.  Which means laid out on a warehouse floor - which warehouse has no heat.  And it's Cooooold today.

Pretty ironic that completion of these high-tech laser products are being delayed by lack of one of the oldest techs of all... a Fire to warm human hands at!

Public domain image from Wikimedia, messed with

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