Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Color Dims...

Today's paper brought sad news, architect Ricardo Legorreta has died at 80.  Though based in Mexico, Legorreta designed several buildings locally: Dallas' Latino Cultural Center, the IBM campus at Southlake, and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

Go visit that museum on a sunny day for a wonderful kick of color in the yellow, yellow, YELLOW entry tower and then the deeply BLUE courtyard with its grand old tree.  Legorreta continued the design approach of his mentor Luis Barragan, a blend of Modernism and Mexican tradition noted for clean lines, sculptural volumes, and poetic use of sun and shade and, above all, color.

This was not default color either, not add-on color.  I love this quote by Legorreta:

 "Instead of saying I will make a wall and paint it red, I [say] I will make something red and it will be a wall."

A red wall by Legorreta, photographer unknown, image borrowed from Glamour Drops

FW Museum of Science and History, architect Ricardo Legorreta, photo by David Kozlowski

Another illustration-find (previous) this time at this website for DFW photographer David Kozlowski.  Some wonderful texture and color here.  (I also like his title "Photos Tagged with Brick".)

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