Saturday, December 17, 2011

Set Designer's Weekend

My several shows are moving along:

Yesterday I visited the scene shop where Frequency of Death is building.  It's all base painted now in shades of gray.  Painting the floor was the next thing on the list, along with mounting all the dials, switches, and vents I'd found and bought and brought with me.  I spent a fun few minutes arranging them on a tabletop - like pictures on a wall.  Then the TD (Technical Director) took a phone-pic of them, so he could match that arrangement on the actual face of the faux equipment.  (The floor was wet, so we couldn't get at that wall to do this in place.)

Typical scene shop chop saw - photo donated to public domain

Meanwhile, my The Diary of Anne Frank is also building.  I went to that scene shop to look at painted doors and to discuss the caps that need to be added to the chimney.  And to borrow a couple black chairs for Frequency.

Today there's a Designers' Run of Anne Frank.  Heating up...

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