Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Like rereading... it lets you really appreciate the good stuff that flew past on first viewing.

At the moment I'm starting to rewatch the TV teen noire private eye show Veronica Mars.  Really well written!  A second viewing is a real test of any mystery because, after all, the mystery is gone, leaving only the characters, the emotions, and the wit.  Veronica has all that.

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Believed public domain image messed with.

While I rewatch this mystery, I'm also first time reading Death Comes to Pemberly, P.D. James's mashup of mystery and Jane Austen.  There is a slight re-read-y flavor to this too, in that I can recognize slivers and shards of Austen, particular phrases, characteristic turns of thought.  Fascinating.  Too soon to tell yet, but I'll let you know how the mystery goes...

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