Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holidays and Show Biz

It only takes a moments' thought to realize that it's not just Santa's elves who are feverishly building at this time of year - because the (holiday) show must go on!

This late into December, weary Scrooges and tired elves are soooo ready for the Christmas crowds to go home to eat turkey.  Some years, when I've been Christmas-decorating stages too long, it's been hard to muster enthusiasm for decorating my own tree.  That's not such a problem this year, since my Black & White show opens on New Year's Eve, but I bet the sleep-deprived carpentry and painting elves are doing little cookie baking.  They're gearing up for the madness of Load-In, while the hard-working actors are preparing for Opening.

Norman Rockwell, believed public domain

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