Thursday, December 1, 2011

Film Field Trip: Breaking Dawn part I

Okay, okay, Breaking Dawn part I is a guilty pleasure.  But I have a real weakness for page-turning novels!  So, of course, I read the Twilight series.  Enjoyed it.  Not lovely prose, but a fun, fast read with a perfect grasp of the desperate obsession of teen-love.  (Why Edward, at 17 + 100 years, yearns like a teen is a question...)

Anyway.  The films have been cheesy fun... just as long as no one (male) I know sees me watching.  But if the movies so far have been the film equivalent of Nacho-Cheese Dorrito TM chips, this latest one is canned CheezWhiz TM: not nutritious, you're not sure it's food, but yet uncannily palatable, violently-attractively colored, and propulsive!  It can't be good for you or the ozone layer, yet embarrassingly, still kinda fun.

Breaking Dawn part I has several too too silly moments.  I cringed at obviously CG wolves thinking cheddar-y dialogue at each other, synthetic wolfhair blowing in the breeze.  I covered my eyes when vampire venom battles human blood in Bella's conversion scene -  a psychedelic out-take from Fantastic Voyage.  I covered my ears at lame dialogue.  And then there's always the dopey sparkle-vampire thing.  (Someone spent too much time in the girlie aisle of Toys R Us.  "What would make girls like vampires better? Sparkles!!!"  The mercy is it's not PINK sparkles.)

But mostly the film underlines how very very... odd... this story is.  Creepy, actually.

So my recommendation is: if you just can't help yourself, go see it, eat cheese-food products while watching, enjoy!

image borrowed from seriouseats

Remember the opening-the-bag-of-nacho-cheese-chips scene from Over the Hedge?  Here's a CLIP.

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