Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Car Time

A theater set designer spends a lot of time in the car.  Obviously, a lot of that time is spend traveling to and from the theater or between theaters.  More is spent traveling to meetings and shopping for furniture or set dressing.  And some of it is spent not even moving...

'Cause you're on the phone.

Today it was answering questions for builders and painters (or, actually, shuffling their question off onto the builder).

There can be a lot of questions and coordination during the build, scenic painting, load-in, and set dressing of your show.  Check messages often, if you've been out of touch, and be ready to instantly decide... whatever it is.  It's a good idea to have your drawings always at hand (or memorized).  That contact sheet with the rest of the production team's phone numbers comes in handy too.

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