Saturday, December 3, 2011


One aspect of designing and building a theater set - or any other design field with a "client" - is the on-going negotiation that goes on throughout the whole process.  At the moment on the The Frequency of Death! build, one of the questions being negotiated is whether sound booth doors have "glass" (or Plexiglass TM) in them.

At stake are issues of realism in the set (glass looks realer and what's more, actors won't accidentally put their hands through it... which looks unreal) plus adding a little variety in gloss (a whole world as flat paint gets dull) versus the possibility that glass will reflect lights and create a problem.  Glare can be a BIG problem.  As an example, look at this photo of a very cool glass stage - see that white reflection?

Photo of glass stage borrowed from  Cool, huh?

The solution I'm proposing right now - 'cause the builder needs to build right now - is that we use the plexi, but make it easily removable.

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