Monday, November 28, 2011

Set Designer's Day - Catch-Up!

Freshly back in town after a family-medical month away, today is filled with meetings.  If cloning were practical, three of me could be going to three different meetings tonight!

Instead, the lone single one of me will be in Addison this morning (after a trip to the copy place) to talk about The Diary of Anne Frank at WaterTower Theatre, then to Dallas at a production meeting for the B&W The Frequency of Death! for Pegasus tonight.  In between, I'll be reading and rereading Collapse and Ruth for Kitchen Dog Theater.  This week will include several more meetings and trying to sneak into some of this week's rehearsals for Ruth, as well as the usual-after-a-trip errands and Laundry Fest.

I've had able assistants while I was gone and did a lot of business remotely - thanks to email, scanning, and FedEx - but, inevitably, things do pile up while you're away.

Believed public domain image, messed with.

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