Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pratchett's Latest - Snuff

I've just raced through the new Terry Pratchett Disc World R novel, Snuff.

Another adventure starring Sam Vimes (my favorite character) is very welcome.  The humor, invention, and social commentary I expect from Pratchett is here, as well as cameo appearances by other beloved characters.  (Vetinari cursing the newspaper crossword is a hoot.)  None of the new characters introduced, however, particularly caught my fancy, except Tears of the Mushroom.  Her big moment onstage is wonderful.  Young Sam!  I didn't think of his as a "new" character at first, but he's grown so much that he really ought to count as new and delightful.
Image of Commander Samuel Vimes borrowed from ozdw.com

The moral of the story... is maybe a little too obviously a moral.  Perhaps less integrated artistically than in some other Disc World books.  Then again, I read Snuff so quickly, gobbling the plot - as I usually do - that it may come into better balance on rereading - as I always do a Pratchett book.  His novels repay rereading.  There are layers and details and jokes that are easier to catch once the driving question of "What happens next?" is satisfied.

I'll probably reread other books in the series too now; the development of Wilikins the butler here, for instance, casts a new light on earlier appearances.

A good addition to the epic of Disc World.  Highly recommended for Pratchett fans.  (Who don't need me to tell 'em that and are, anyway, busy reading as I type this).  For new readers, I suggest starting at Guards! Guards! (the first Sam Vimes book) or maybe with  more of a stand-alone like Truth, which may be my favorite.

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