Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Creative Time Management

 I'm getting writing done.

Can't talk too much about that project though.  Have you noticed how the inspiration tank seems pump out the same amount of creative juice either into the project or into talk about the project?  What spills to the world never fuels the work?  Annoying but apparently true.  So my creative motor is running... and to keep it that way, the radio must stay off.

But I can report that my new Creative Time Management System TM (CreaTuMS for short) seems to be helping!  At least I'm both exercising - right after breakfast - and writing - right after exercising.  No internet or other distractions until their appointed hour.  Not much else seems to be getting done though.  Sigh.
I think my clock just has fewer hours on it than I need.

Can I get my time-tank topped up?

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