Friday, September 23, 2011

Time Management versus Procrastination

Stomping out other project's fires, email, dishes, other deadlines, procrastination, phone calls, chores, and just plan ol' foot-dragging (perhaps because of those crispy fire-stompin' feet?) have been BIG problems in this studio lately.

Do you ever have this problem?

There's an important, long-term project that you want - you need! - to be working on... and yet... somehow... you neeeever do.

Well, I've listened to all the excuses I can stand.

So I'm experimenting with time-management.  The new deal is: breakfast, then turn on the dreaded treadmill and tread it while reading yesterday's notes and completed pages.  1/2 hour of concentrated attention on the project.  No distractions.  Then straight from the dreaded treadmill to the computer keyboard to write for 1 hour.  NO INTERNET.  No excuses.  Until the timer buzzes.

Then I can fritter my life away at email or whatever other time-gobbling, brain-rotting activity I choose.  Well, that and deal with the business of the day and those deadlines.  But for 1 1/2 hours it's just thinking, then doing, On The Project.

This seems to be working.

It's easier than expected to concentrate on the dreaded treadmill.   (Though hard to write notes!)  

It's not much time, but I can see movement.  Knowing myself, once I get into the project I'll  start stealing extra time to devote to it and then...

Real Progress!

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