Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not A Review - The Fantasticks

Why "not a review"?

Because I can't be impartial - whether I was involved in a particular show or not, I usually know someone who was.  And because I can't pretend to judge: to decree that This was better than That, or this was Worthy or Unworthy.  I'm incapable of making any sort of a "Top Ten" list!  I just know what I like* (or don't) at the moment and usually (not always) why.

I can recommend a show... but it's up to You to decide whether you're likely to agree with me.

The Fantasticks?  Like it.  A good rendition - close to the original show's spirit - with real talent and nice voices.  Sweetness shines through.  I really really like the text.  The songs are still fresh and clever; I love "September."  In this production, everyone on stage does well (talented youth and experience), but my especial favorites have to be the Mime and the two clownish, side-kick characters - the guy who (mis)quotes Shakespeare and the guy who dies.  Funny, funny death scenes.

Buy a ticket to Circle Theatre's show.  See if you agree with me.
Commedia dell'Arte charcters - believed public domain

* "I know what I like" is the classic definition of the non-Art Critic, I believe.  Sigh

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