Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Bless 'em, I say.  Theater couldn't happen without 'em.

Work continues on the set for In the Other Room: the Vibrator Play.  The bulk of that labor comes from committed Kitchen Dogs who, though they may or may not be an official part of this show, turn up to help out.  The rest of the slogging comes courtesy of just flat-out volunteers, who from friendship or love of theater or some crazy-altruistic urge show up and get dirty and Get Things Done.  One of our volunteers helps, seems like, every theater in town.  Wonderful people.

Thank you!

I'd like to re-institute the Order of Merit I first created for that (killer!) build for Edward Albee's play The Goat and hereby bestow it upon You, the loyal, untiring builders of this show:

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