Friday, August 19, 2011

Set Designer's Life - Stuff!

I'm pretty sure all set designers and set dressers have full garages.  Where else do you store all your stuff?

My own is absolutely FULL.  I can carefully inch a car into it, but every other inch is filled with the usual garage stuff - shovels, tools, bathtubs - the rest is crammed with theater set dressing, small pieces of stage furniture, and architectural fragments that might be useful on a set.  Vital stuff!  Because when I need to do, say, an Art Deco living room or, as now, a house of the 1880s, I can't count on instantly finding and buying or borrowing the perfect, telling, period details I need.  (Not at a price I can afford.)  So I store, for instance, a wicker sewing basket, a crystal and brass chandelier, a modernist desk chair, a circle of excellent fake grass, and (bought yesterday) a small Art Deco radio.  Among a thousand other things.

A few years ago - when the car no longer fit - I had to decide whether to rent a storage unit for this clobber, or to get serious about storing it neatly.  Renting a storage unit looked like an endless drain on my meager profits, so I invested a little money and a lot of time on sturdy shelves and organizing the junk into giant Tupperware TM style containers.  It's now much easier to find things...

...though once the weather cools down (109 F again yesterday) it'll be time to reorganize.

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