Thursday, August 4, 2011

Set Designer's Life - First Read Through

This is a milestone in the actors' rehearsal process - the first time the cast reads the script together.  Everyone sits around a big table (or three pushed together, actually), so there's no movement really, no blocking or props or set, just words and voices.  Still, I'm always surprised by how much funnier or more touching a script becomes when it's spoken aloud.  In the Other Room: or the Vibrator Play is going to be much funnier than I expected.

Mostly I just listened - and made a few notes along the lines of, "Don't forget sink! Ask about candles - real or electric?" and "Hides behind piano - how?"  (My best such note ever, from a Designer Run rather than a Reading was: "Can't watch eyeball eating!!!"  No kidding.)
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Sometimes designers are invited to the First Read, sometimes not - most directors are glad to have designers visit anytime.  Last night, not only were designers there, there were both of the artistic directors and a few board members, which is a little unusual (Kitchen Dog often is).  We were celebrating: First Read Through of the first play of the new season!

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