Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Generation Lightbulbs

There's been a rumor going around about the banning of incandescent light bulbs - those nice old, heat producing bulbs that make the warm yellowy glow of the table lamp placed in the center of Granma's front window.  All that heat means they're terribly inefficient and ungreen.  Are those darn unflattering fluorescent bulbs are only choice?  Will there be a black market in incandescent A lamps?

Take heart nostalgia lovers and owners of antique lamps or antique buildings!

In fact, the old bulbs are being replaced by fluorescents, (the most energy efficient substitute), but there will also be modified incandescent-lite choices that meet the new code requirements.  Read more about it at FastCompany.

ADDENDUM 1/22/14

Since this was written those compact fluorescents have gotten better and cheaper, though still in need of special disposal - don't just throw 'em in the trash!  But now it's LED lighting that seems the best choice.  It's even more efficient, cleaner to dispose of, and with such mutable color that now we can all potentially colorize our homes with a remote control.  Fun stuff!

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