Sunday, August 21, 2011

Film Field Trip - Another Earth

It'd had been a while since I'd read the review for this art house film, so I was surprised by it.

The title, Another Earth, clearly states the film's premise - that, mysteriously, a duplicate Earth with a duplicate population and history appears in our sky - but the film is not an sci-fi adventure.  It's a study in human mistakes and their aftermath.  Beautifully photographed and acted, this slow, thoughtful film sees the parallel Earth as a chance to try to "fix" the un-fixable.

A parallel Earth is a perfect speculative fiction idea.  But the speculation is not science fiction's "What if?" but regret's "If only..."

Love it, hate it, Another Earth is a great starting point for after-the-movie-theater conversation in the pub.  The movie theater is my favorite, The Angelika at Mockingbird Station, the pub is Trinity Hall, next door.  Order the bread pudding.


  1. You can hear music from the movie 'Another Earth' (the musical saw scene) on the composer's website:

  2. Thanks for the link - that's a powerful moment in the film and a memorable piece of music!